Transparent authentication

I’am using Azure ad as IDP and I want to activate transparent authentication with the zapp agent (once the agent installed on the computer, the user will not need to enter these credentials manually, it will be authenticated automatically)
For that:
I have customized my packaging with the two attributes cloudname and userdomain,
I added the urls ( + )in the local intranet zone I activated IWA
And I bypass the sso url of the idp through the proxy.
However the agent always asks me to perform the authentication.
do you have any idea about this problem ?

Thank you

One of user reported the same issue with windows 7 PC. whereas in windows 10 the authentication is working transparently. Same package is using for both machines.

Thank you for your feedback.
Can you share with me the configuration that you do in azure AD to activate SSO authentication ?



During packaging I was used strict enforcement with domain and cloud are preloaded in the package.
Necessary configuration at the Azure for IWA enablement are done by other team. I don’t have any details about that configuration.
But the same is working only for windows10, due to some reason same not wotking with windows 7. Always prompting for authentication.

Ramesh M