U2F Support for authentication in zscaler app

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to allow U2F support in the zscaler app for the sake of 2FA in Okta?


Hi Shahar, Welcome to the Zenith zscaler community!

Your screenshot looks like Mac OS X, so presumably your default web browser is Safari.

Our Client Connector (formerly called ZApp) doesn’t actually use the full browser but does a call (View Controller) for some browser functions. That limits the functions to some degree, and also depends on the OS and browser versions installed, as well as the IdP in use.

I’ve seen U2F work on OS X with Brave as the default browser, against Okta using Username + Password + Yubikey.

Depending on your combination of OS version, Browser type and version, IdP, and U2F mode your mileage may vary.

If you open a support ticket, we can certainly have your TAM or SE engage with Product Management to assist in determining if there is a combination that will work for you, and/or if we need to file an Enhancement Request.

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Thanks Mike
I’ve opened a ticket.