Unable to login with Apple ID through iCloud

(Ilya) #1

With Zscaler App on my iphone, I am not able to sign into iCloud. I am getting the “Verification Failed. There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server”. With Zscaler off, everything works.

I’ve whitelisted the following:


I also opened a ticket with Zscaler, but I hope someone is using Zscaler on their iPhone and has dealt with this already.

Thanks in advance!

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Ilya,

The only time I’ve seen this cause problems is when SSL inspection is on, and apple traffic generally cannot be inspected due to certificate pinning.

Do you have inspection on?



(Ilya) #3

Yes David. We have SSL inspection turned on as a requirement to prevent users from signing into their personal Gmail accounts. We only allow our corp domains for Gmail.

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(David Creedy) #4

Thanks for the quick reply.

When you say whitelist, do you mean you’ve added these to the SSL inspection bypass?

Can you provide me the ticket number? I’d like to check what has been suggested so far.

(Ilya) #5

For whitelisting, I add URLs to bypass script in PAC file.


Currently the ticket is 606448, but I’m having difficulty capturing network traffic with Wireshark because we use Macs at work and our phones.