Unable to route the Traffic to another DC

I am trying to route traffic to another Cloud ZEN (Mumbai) using below return statement in PAC File.
Even though adding the below return statement, traffic is going to nearest ZEN only.

return “PROXY ${bom4.sme.zscaler.net}:80; PROXY ${bom4.sme.zscaler.net}:443; PROXY ${bom6.sme.zscaler.net}:80; PROXY ${bom6.sme.zscaler.net}:443; DIRECT”;

Note: This is not working when we are in Z-Tunnel 2.0
Same is working in Z-Tunnel 1.0

Can we have some help on this?


Hi Rahul,

Known issue for us, Zscaler PAC only honours the first 2 variables before ‘DIRECT’ when using Tunnel 2.0.
We raised an ER ages ago to support a minimum of 3 but it’s not going anywhere.


You don’t need to specify both :80 and :443 as ZCC will attempt to establish connectivity on both of those ports by default. Are you defining this in the App Profile PAC?

Yes, I am defining this in App Profile PAC.


I have an ask in for automating this move when there are issues vs making us do this by the PAC. It is not feasible for large corporations with many profiles. Might be more manageable for smaller deployments.

Can you please let me know the proper return statement then?