Unable to use Explorer scrollbar when Zscaler is turned on


Having a strange issue with Zscaler here. When the app is turned on, the scroll bar in Windows Explorer keeps popping back to the top and we cannot highlight any files.

It is like the Windows Explorer window is constantly being refreshed. With the app off, the problem goes away.

We already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but as soon as the app is reinstalled the problem comes back.

Is there anything else we can try?

I was struggling to fix same symptoms in my corporate environment for this half year and found some causes.

When Zscaler turn on, below symptom occurs, right?

  • Cannot scroll down in folder window due to popping back to the top
  • Cannot select folder from task bar when opened multiple folders
  • Cursor is often blinking
  • CPU usage is higher than usual

It may be caused by proxy.pac confliction.

Is there any other softwares to push proxy to user computers?(e.g. GPO, VPN softwares)
If you configured forwarding profile in app as Tunnel (Proxy action : enforce) or TWLP mode or proxy enforced, issue will be continuously occurred.

Zscaler app always try to manage pac file in these modes.
If there is any other systems which is pushing proxy.pac to pc always, proxy.pac will be overwritten again and again in short term.

Determine which software is trying to push proxy to your pc or change Zscaler side setting not to enforce proxy to pc will be solution.

Hope this information will help you.

Yes, the symptoms are identical, though is only faced by a small number of users.

I will forward on your advice and see what can be done. Thank you!

We have seen this issue with devices with Webroot AV. As weird as it sounds, we needed to disable “Identity Shield” in Webroot. We verified PAC was set and then re-enabled Identity shield.

Webroot was preventing the PAC file from getting set in LAN Settings.