Unavailability: Google Hangouts Meet

Hello there.
I have already referred above article.
Our client used to have the same problem, so we suggested them to whitelist the range of IP address “74.125.250” in URL Filtering Rule.

However, it seems the IP Address range “74.125.250/24” does no longer work in URL category to whitelist the whole range of IP address.
Now, our client has to whitelist all IP address which was 74.125.250/24 + α
In the log, there are many IPs which they might have to register every IPs in URL category.

Is there any way to register like to whitelist?

We got huge complaint from them, so we need to fix this ASAP.

Please help us, geniuses!

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You will still get the same amount of traffic if you bypass Zscaler so I don’t think it will fix your issue with heavy traffic loads.

Hello Gordon.

I provided such a wrong information. I edited it. So please check it out.
Here is the summary anyway.

Our client has DenyAll Rule at the bottom of URL Filtering Rule.
They used to whitelist the IP address ( which happens behind hangouts meet communication.
After 6.0 update, whitelisting the IP address traffic by URL Filtering Rule does no longer work.
They are currently whitelist whole octets of IP address.
They tried

  1. whitelisting 74.125.250 does not work
  2. whitelisting (which can be seen in the log) does work.

I have to know why 74.125.250 is ignored and the traffic hits DenyAll Rule at the bottom.
And also I would like to know how to register the range of IP for whitelising.

Thank you in advanc.

Just update.

This case now goes freaking fire.

They white-list Google Hangouts Meet in Firewall Control and Cloud App Control.
But be informed that the blocked traffic is IP address

They now register whole octets of it, but Zscaler still blocks it with the action “Not allowed to use HTTP tunnel”
Why is this happening?