Understanding the SDP Architecture


(Scott Bullock) #1

As we’ve all been busy shifting our software and applications to the cloud, we’ve found the security boundaries we’ve used before aren’t providing the best user experience. It’s expensive to backhaul traffic to a gateway, and the latency can make the applications seem as if your applications aren’t performing. We have our mobile users dialing into HQ across the internet, just to turn around and go back out to the internet.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) helps us solve this problem. By securing our applications and services so that they are reachable directly by our users, and invisible to bad actors, we reduce the threat surface considerably.

In the following video I’ll discuss how Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) allows us to securely connect your users to the applications you’ve authorized them to use no matter where they connect from. We’ll see how we keep your applications safe, and answer some common questions around SDP such as:

  • Can I remove my inbound stack?
  • Are my connectors exposed to the internet?
  • What about micro-segmentation?
  • How do I find my apps?