Url doesn't work in Certain SME

I seen a weird scenario, where few Url’s doesn’t work/load in certain Zscaler SME/Proxy in particular region. Whereas same Url works with other SME in same region. A random user in a region unable to access the Url when others in the region can able to access the Url. I raised few cases before to investigate on this. However we couldn’t proceed further when TAC engineer request us to check with Web Admin or Remote end Support team. These are publicly hosted site and its unable to identify Web admin.

Have anyone faced similar scenario ?

Ganesh krishnan

Do you have some examples URL and node combinations where this is repeatable?

Mostly, support is correct in that it is likely to be the origin service that’s behaving differently, and there could be a variety of reasons services have such filtering in place.


yes I have seen that with one of my customers. Their webservers are protected by a Web Application Firewall and sometimes a small group of users on certain locations where not able to access this sites.
We found out that their WAFs received some “bad IP address lists” from other security vendors that contained “part of some ZEN IP ranges”.
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The is one of the example
Url: www.korea.kr
Domain : *.go.kr

SME that works:
SME that doesn’t work:

Ganesh Krishnan