URL filtering policy vs Cloud App policy control

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Can you please tell me about the difference about URL filtering policy and Cloud App policy control?
I want also know when do we use each one of them, what are the use cases?

And how can I block the access to only one website not to a category, for example I want to block the access only to facebook but not twitter,

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The Zscaler Help portal has some excellent articles on the concepts and differences - Zscaler Help

On the second topic, I would just create a Cloud App Control Policy rule under Social Networking and select Facebook as your Cloud Application along with any other conditions the rule requires.

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@Ahmed , URL filtering is based on the Predefined Category/ Custom Category/ URLs while Cloud App Policy is based on predefined Application…
Cloud APP Policy take precedence over URL filtering by default but you can use cascading feature to take final decision based on URL filtering.

For blocking Facebook only and allowing twitter either you can use URL filtering (Rule based in the Requirement) or you can use Cloud APP to block Facebook only from APP Control policy.

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