URL still getting blocked after whitelisting

(Dhriti Basu Mallik) #1

I am very new to ZScaler (about a month). We are using ZScaler Cloud Proxy. I need help in resolving an issue I am facing.

I am having trouble accessing a site even after White listing it.
I have White listed a particular domain in the way of “.domain.com” in the following ways
Created a User-Defined Category under URL Categoriesand added the domain to it.
Added this group to the Allow Rule under the URL Filtering policy
Also added the URL to the Configure Malware Protection Policy - Security Exception
However currently the Browser (Mozilla Firefox) says “The proxy server is refusing connections”
Also when I search under URL Lookup it shows the URL under “Internet Services, Shareware Download”
It does not shows up under the the Custom Group I created.
What am I doing wrong here and how may I rectify it.


(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Dhriti,
This would best be worked on with a support ticket, you can find the best ways to engage support documented here --> https://help.zscaler.com/zia/zscaler-support-best-practices-guide



(Dhriti Basu Mallik) #3

Thanks, I shall try the same.


(Mike) #5

We have a ticket opened with support on this as well. Requested an update earlier today.


The traffic’s probably going to sites other than where you think - you can analyze by getting a HAR file: