Use of One time link


(ram) #1

I couldn’t understand the use of one time links, I did go through below url and mentioned as we can use it for resetting forgotten passwords or create new passwords for the hosted users.

So I uploaded few users on hosted db and sent mail for one time link and as mentioned in the below url
mentioned as logged in to use the zscaler service but I was hoping for password change portal or similar to this.

I couldn’t understand the use of this feature or I am making some configuration mistake, can someone explain to get most of this feature.??

(Scott Bullock) #2

This feature is typically implemented by customers who do not have native SSO capabilities and would like a means of pre-authenticating users to the Zscaler service, it’s best used with Only Once hosted users.

Today the bast majority of customers are implement with SAML for SSO, coupling with Zscaler App for more seamless roaming. The One Time feature remains in place for customers with the occasional use-case where this method is best suited.

(ram) #3

Thanks. Then for hosted users is there any other method to assign password by themselves ??

(Scott Bullock) #4

You could leverage our free integration with Okta, Okta allows for this type of self-service account management.

(ram) #5

Thanks scott, I will explore in okta.