Use ZPA to Access Office 365

Can we use ZPA to access Office 365 applications through a Z-connector deployed on Azure?
I am aware that it utilised through ZIA but ZPA provides that extra Layer of access control and security.

We want to prevent users accessing Office 365 outside the Zscaler infrastructure.

ZPA is for private access where O365 is public access. ZIA will optimize your traffic to O365 just use the one-click configuration for O365.

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Can you block O365 authentication from any IP outside the Zscaler tunnels? Does MS provide native tools for this? A few thoughts…

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The Z-Connector on Azure, can it see the Azure cloud applications or just the other Hosted VMs?

ZPA App Connector (Z-Connector) is designed as app agnostic. So it can see any application that it has network layer reachability.

If you’re using Okta, and you federate Okta with O365, you can prevent users from connecting to O365 unless they are coming from a specified ZScaler proxy set. You couldn’t guarantee it’s not another ZScaler customer - but with MFA setup in Okta you’d have a high degree of confidence.