User-Agent based rules/policies

All, Can we do a user-agent based policies in ZIA? For e.g: Zscaler should allow/deny access based on the user-agent that’s talking to Zscaler. I know there is a Browser control policy which can block Browsers, I’m looking for a broader scope of other agents like Flash player, etc…

It doesn’t appear to be an option. I went through all the policies

You can’t do this in ZIA at the moment. we are on zscloud and i cant see it anywhere in our policy options

Zscaler does have this in the context of Browser Control, which looks at the UA to determine allowed/blocked browsers.

We also look at the UA as part of some Advanced Threat Protection signatures.

Hi Scott, Thanks for help! Is it possible to apply a Browser Control Policy to a group of users?

Not today, we do have an ER for more granularity for Browser Control policy. DM me your org info and I can get you added to it.