User cannot authenticat in Zapp

(Sarra) #1


i have some users that are not able to connect with zapp Zscaler App Error, User not Subscribed to Zscaler Service

i have licences for,


(David Creedy) #2

Hi Sarra,

Typically this is a miss-configuration in the IDP the users are authenticating against, and the usernames the user’s are entering. Do you have a support ticket open with logs?

(Rajeshkumar Chemalli) #3

Hi Sarra, it looks like the domain you are using to login to ZAPP is not added in the mobile admin portal. you may see that in the regular admin portal under company section.

Please raise a support ticket to add the domain in the Mobile admin portal.

(Sarra) #4


thank you for your answers,

it was the userdomain put on the script wich was wrong,