User is facing DNS resolution issue when connected to ZPA

We have one user , when he is trying to access the server by using the hostname it is not getting connected but when user is able to access with the IP address . and did work around by configuring the host entry on the user name .

So we have checked on our admin portal and could see that hostname is configured on our app. segment with disabled DNS port means we have alowed only 8080 and 443 ports .

Can someone explain why it is not working with the hostname?
is there any thing needs to be done from my end to fix this DNS issue .

Hi Durga,

Does the FQDN to that server work for the user via ZPA?
If so then it might be a case of adding your DNS suffix to "DNS Search Domains " so the hostname can work.


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Thanks for your response G!

What result do you get when you do a DNS resolution of the hostname?

Check that hostname resolved from app connector. It might be DNS resolution issue.