Using CSV vs. API to make mass changes within Locations

I’m looking for guidance on making mass changes to all configured locations. For example, enabling IPS Control across all locations and sublocations.

Performing a CSV import is limited to 1000 rows and the import process is quite confusing as the sample import file is different than the download file with respect to values within the columns.

Looking at using API as an alternative, performing GET requests seems straightforward, but does anyone have recommendations on how to perform PUT/POST requests for this kind of task?


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I haven’t looked at Zscalers API documentation. But just make sure to also review the page limits and/or calls. They are usually pretty high but just to be on the safe side.

Edit: I went and found them just to have a closed loop on it About Rate Limiting | Zscaler

Not hitting any limits. Just trying to figure out how to perform PUT commands and make changes. Each location and sublocation has it’s own id so will take some time to carry out.

Running into this hurdle now, although the api user role has access to the locations functional scope.

“code”: “RBA_LIMITED”,
“message”: “Functional scope restriction requires LOCATIONS”

How are you authenticating? Are you using OAUTH or a Token?

It’s via token. I managed to get it working. PUT requests requires the user role to be a super admin.

The challenge is making changes to all locations and sublocations in mass as every location/sublocation has a unique id. Which makes me think the CSV import is the way to go but that is confusing in itself on how to import to make specific changes to existing locations. I have a support case on it opened already, just waiting…

Support engineer was able to help by leveraging Python script that I started to create to test updating an individual location.