Using zTunnel v1 how do I deal with access to

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is there a way to deal with non- standard HTTP/HTTPS ports when using zTunnel v1 ?


This is possible if your forwarding method is tunnel with local proxy.

Hi Ramesh,

will tunnel with local proxy also catch port 80/443 traffic transparently ?
E.g. when using a non-proxy aware app that connects directly to the Internet on port 80 - will this be picked up ?

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No, tunnel with local proxy will not fetch traffic non-proxy aware applications.

In Tunnel with Local Proxy mode, Zscaler Client Connector sets proxy settings on user devices so that all proxy-aware traffic is tunneled to Zscaler. The app does this by automatically installing a PAC file on the system to force all traffic to go to the local host.

See here,,go%20to%20the%20local%20host.

Hi Ramesh,

yes we know but we would like to use the transparent tunnel for 80/443 to capture application traffic from non proxy aware apps. So as far I can see the only solution would be zTunnel v2, right ?

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Yes, for forward all application traffic with any port number , you can chose tunnel V2

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An additional question:

When using Tutnnel with local proxy mode is it possible to direct an app directly to the local proxy running on ?

Thanks Tom

Yes you can, by default the listening port is You can take a look at the fiddler set up for an example of how to do this.

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If I connect my client application to proxy how will this traffic be processed ?

I mean in tunnel with local proxy mode will this traffic be „piped into“ the ztunnel to the datacenter the zApp is currently connected to ?

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