VBA not working with internet explorer after Zscaler enabled

Connected through VPN with work. Previously before Zscaler was installed on my PC, the VBA i used to access internet explorer to communicate with excel worked. Now after the Zscaler, it doesn’t interact with internet explorer at all. How can i get internet explorer to communicate with the VBA with zscaler on?

Hi Chris, welcome to the Zenith community. This is most likely caused by a configuration or policy set by your company’s zscaler administrator. Unfortunately I cannot determine whether its something like an SSL inspection issue, policy controlling source code, or something as simple as the VBA editor in Office not recognizing how traffic is being forwarded to the proxy.

If you can reach out to your company’s zscaler administrators they can, if needed, work with zscaler support to provide options to address your issue. If you don’t know your company’s zscaler administrator, perhaps there is a helpdesk internally that can route your request. Should neither of those be an option, please message me privately with your company details and I can let the zscaler field team supporting your organization know what’s going on and they can reach out to their contacts there.

wow, thanks for the quick response. I will pass that forward to admins.