[VIDEO] Meet your Community Team and say hello!

Your Zenith Community is a special destination. You get authentic and trusted content at every step of your journey. It is an open, collaborative knowledge base for our customers, partners, and users.

Our PM’s and SE’s are committed to responding to your needs to get you your answers faster. Here is an opportunity for you to engage with the Community team that leads this effort every day. We are a small but mighty team of two and we work hard every day to ensure you have the best possible experience!

:arrow_down: Watch this video to meet us and see what’s upcoming in our Community :arrow_down:

Get in touch with us & learn how to inform, consult & engage in your Community! Please drop us a comment below on your Community experience and what we can do to make it better for you!

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Thanks to both of you for taking the helm. For me you are on the right track with your community changes implemented so far. My only wish would be to get the community better on board again for upcoming events like Zenith or local ZUG-meetings. For last Zenith here in Germany I missed the topic booths and a not so tightly timed exchange with Zscaler employees and Zscaler engineers to face2face discuss topics like TOR, IPv6, API-access or DTLS-performance (or other “perennial” community issues).


Great feedback Manuel… We actually have some things lined up for ZUG and TechXperts. There will be some more information coming down the pike.


Great Ben,
Great to have other Zscaler products like , CSPM, CWS, CIEM etc to be covered in the community.

To start with the design consideration, architecture brief will be the good starting point.

Ramesh M


Your both doing a great job to encourage and improve the community membership.
The community is getting stronger every day as we all strive to improve our customer experience.


Excited to see this community grow and get the support it deserves! Keep up the good work. :dark_sunglasses:

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You don’t get any swag Matt :slight_smile: lol jk


Awesome video. Looking forward to contribute to further content to our Zenith Community.

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thank you for taking action. looking forward for great improvements :slight_smile:

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I see many members who are going to receive a cool Community t-shirt pretty soon! Drop your comments in here folks!

It is nice to see the ZENITH Community growing and improving constantly.
I always believe what makes a good product is the Community behind it.
Thank you Vanitha and Ben!

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