[VIDEO] - ZPA Terraform Provider Video Series Ep.7 - ZPA Application Segment

An application is a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), local domain name, or IP address that you define on a standard set of ports. Applications must be defined within an application segment.

An application segment is a grouping of defined applications, based upon access type or user privileges. So, ZPA features such as double encryption, health reporting, etc. are configured per application segment.

When configuring an application segment, you can define individual applications to change their settings (e.g., Double Encryption, Health Reporting, etc.) or configure different access policies for them. For example, if you want to allow only specific users access to the application marketing.safemarch.com and allow another group of users to access sales.safemarch.com, you can explicitly define each application. You can then configure policies referencing those applications individually. When configuring two or more application segments, ensure that there is no conflict in destination ports.

Terraform Registry Example: Terraform Registry

In this video, we’ll explore

0:00:04;00 – 0:00:22;17 – Introduction
0:00:22;19 – 0:02:07;19 – Introduction to Application Segments
0:02:08;22 – 0:02:59;19 – Types of Application Segments
0:02:59;24 – 0:03:55;14 – Terraform Application Segment API Workflow
0:03:56;18 - 0:04:26;04 – Terraform Registry Documentation
0:04:28;11 – 0:06:29;18 – Configuring Application Segments
0:06:30;00 – 0:07:45;00 – Summary