Virgin Money App Stopped Working Due to Zscaler Deployment to iPhone

Hi Guys,

So I deployed Zscaler to our work iPhones recently and the Virgin Money App used by some of our teams stopped working, the users are even not able to login to the app anymore. Each time they open the app, they get the error that says “Hmm. Something’s gone wrong at our end. Please try again a bit later”. the error message has a code B/C7eecc.

I am suspecting that this could be caused by certificate pinning implemented in the app, not sure if i am correct.

Steps I Have Taken To Resolve This

I have created a url category with the following urls
and configured SSL Inspection bypass for the url category.

This does not seem to resolve the issue, I have also contacted the Virgin Money support team who confirmed they have not received any complain from anyone else. Also, the App work well on devices without Zscaler.

Please any assistance will be very much appreciated.



MacDonald, due to cert pinning it’s a best practice to disable SSL Inspection on mobile platforms like phones and tablets. These devices typically use an app to navigate to a resource as opposed to a laptop or desktop which typically use a browser. the ‘pinned certificate’ connection is failing through ZIA. My suggestion would be to build a rule in SSL Inspection and select the device type (all mobile devices listed) and finish up the rule with SSL Bypass.


Perfectly said Pat, that really never crossed my mind. I would have done this since last week when I started battling with this issue.

I have however been able to resolve the issue now by creating a bypass for urls sent to me which one would never have suspected has anything to do with Virgin Money.

When next I have a similar issue, I will work with your suggestion right away and save myself the stress and time.

Thank you very much for the suggestion


Yeah MacDonald, you can certainly do what you did…but as you can imagine you’ll be on the hook each time one of these apps stops working :). Glad you got it sorted out!!