Virtualbox Linux VM cannot access internet

Hi there,

We’re using Zscaler at my company.
I’m running Windows 10, and Zscaler Client Connector (App policy : NOMAD_split_tunneling).

For software development reasons , I need to run an Unix environment ; I’m trying to run a Manjaro within VirtualBox 6.1.26.

My situation:

  • The company proxy is defined via a script, I have two proxy ip addresses with port 80 and one with port 443

Sorry for the multiple posts, but as I am a new user of the Zscaler Forums, I’m limited to one screenshot per post, please find the rest of the thread below.

Below a snippet of the script configuration :

  • I configured VirtualBox to share the host connection via NAT, and to define a global proxy as mentioned in the script
  • Despite these changes, I cannot access any webpage that I can access on the Windows 10 host, below the error message I get
  • I do have an interesting message from the Network Login helper from Manjaro when I connect the network interface to the VM client

    As my company name is mentioned in the error message, I suppose that the VM is correctly configured to access the NAT interface and get outside the VM, but is blocked by the Zscaler policy.

From the VM perspective :

  • Repository update could be processed and get stuck forever
  • pinging public addresses ends up with 100% packet loss

Do you have any insight on how to configure the VM in order to be able to access the internet please ?

Thanks in advance for your help !


I follow-up.
I see here no support… expensive software and no help : great deal! :slight_smile:

Are you using tunnel with local proxy?