VPN Tunnel + Zscaler + Proxy

Hello, I am using an application called ‘Charles Proxy’ for testing internal applications which are only accessible through VPN. I am using mac

If Zscaler is off everything works fine.

If zscaler is on, I can see charles proxy is unable to intercept data from internal applications.

I am using ‘Tunnel with Local Proxy’ profile and pac file. Our VPN tunnel is

Please note, all my VPN IP and internal applications are bypass in pac file. VPN is in full tunnel mode.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello, want to add couple of things.

If i turn off zscaler completely. Charles starts to see traffic.
As soon i turn on zscaler Charles does not see traffic. It only randomly picks up MS / SLACK url which i have whitelisted in pac file. Please note VPN is not enabled so far.

Hi @Mk001, have you seen this article on Zscaler operations with Charles ? https://help.zscaler.com/z-app/zscaler-app-charles-proxy-interoperability

Hi @skottieb, yes i did and followed the instructions but still don’t see any traffic.

You may need to work with your Zscaler admins to ensure the correct forwarding modes for Zscaler App / Client Connector is being used.

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