VZEN cluster updates


When there is a 2 node VZEN cluster, how are updates performed? Will one node be updated before the second node to ensure there is no downtime and traffic continues to be forwarded or is it possible that both nodes could be updating at the same time?

We have 2x 2 node clusters, where cluster 1 is primary and cluster 2 is secondary, using an F5 LTM in front to direct the traffic. When an update is performed it appears that all 4 nodes update at the same time because we get monitoring alerts from all 4 to say that certain processes are no longer running (presumably they are being restarted).

So far we’ve not had any reported outages but we’re only just starting to migrate from a legacy on premise proxy solution.

VZENs will update one by one . While updating other will process the traffic.

Zscaler does not recommend using external load balancers.

More info: About VZEN Clusters | Zscaler

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