VZEN for UDP traffic

We want to use our actual VZEN for UDP traffic (Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams).
Now this traffic is going to zscaler throught GRE tunnels, so there is a dedicated rule that is created on the FW to send such trafic throught the tunnels to zscaler.

And as a pac file only defines what happens to HTTP traffic, it’s not at all relevant or considered by UDP, so i can’t use it to forward UDP traffic to VZEN. Anyone have a recommendation how can i do that ?


You could try just forwarding traffic directly over L2:

L2 Redirect

If your router or switch is in the same subnet as the VZEN cluster IP address, then you can configure your router or switch to use L2 forwarding to redirect packets to the VZEN.

Cisco Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) configurations don’t work with VZENs.

Other options can be found here: Forwarding Traffic to VZENs | Zscaler