Web apps timing out to login page

Has anyone experienced timeouts with web apps where the app kicks back to a login screen frequently. Within a matter of minutes?

We have no ZPA timeout set and this is before app timeout since it will happen within a couple of minutes.

We’ve seen this happen with some web asset applications as well as our firewall manager.

We have a ticket open with Zscaler support and are working to gather logs. Unfortunate part is that indeterminacy makes it hard to capture, so I was curious if others had run into this before.

May have a similar case at our end. Seems to be going since a few few weeks I think. Really hard to grab it…

Did you get anywhere with support so far?

Exact same issue here. Grabbing PCAPs and related is difficult when it’s intermittent.

I was able to grab a HAR file and PCAPs from a client and connector once. It’s with support, but unfortunately no real progress.

Garrett, can you share your support case #? I can follow up.

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To provide an update, we think it may have to do with how ZPA works and interacts with a load balancer that was identified in front of the app. Session persistence was set to source IP.

We are currently testing cookie based session persistence.