Web Insight - Allowed Traffic

Hi, why is it that web insight only shows the Rule Name when the traffic is blocked. If traffic is allowed, it shows NONE in the rule name. How will we know which rule is hit if it shows NONE? I hope you can do something about this. Thank you.

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Hi @jo-mar.inciong,

Thanks for your query. We currently record only the blocked policy name and type. We are actively exploring an enhancement to record the allow policy name/type. Keep in mind that a transaction can hit multiple allowed policies, unlike a blocked transaction.


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I would agree that understanding why a user was permitted to a site is just as important as knowing why they were blocked when troubleshooting issues. This was particularly hard when we moved from Cisco IronPort (which always indicated what rule permitted the access) to Zscaler. I hope this is something you are able to bring for Zscaler in the future.