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(Alex) #2

Would ZScaler offer instructor-led courses?

(Chris Leach) #3

Hi Alex. Thank you for your question. The second part of the ZCCP-IA course is a hands-on instructor-led lab. In the future we will offer a hands-on instructor-led lab for ZPA as well. However, the bulk of our training content will remain interactive, self-paced eLearning.

We feel that this is the best way to reach the widest number of people and also allow continuous learning. With instructor-led training once you leave the classroom the training stops. With eLearning you have continuous access to the latest content whenever you need it.

Can you tell us why you’re looking for instructor-led training? Have you taken our current training and found it lacking? We’re always looking for ways to improve!

(Alex) #5

I understand the benefits of e-learning, but it would be beneficial to the customers to interact with a live person. The advantages of the class would be to a customer who is not familiar with a product at all. I would imagine ZScaler can offer an instructor-led classes at the customer expense. I would not mind attending this class. Thanks,

(Chris Leach) #6

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion! We are always evaluating our training mix and will keep your thoughts in mind.

(mutsumi takanashi) #7

Hi, I want to visit following URL, but I can’t open this URL.


The following message will be displayed…

Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)
Your requested host “training.zscaler.com” could not be resolved by DNS.
For assistance, contact your network support team.

Is there a way I can see it?


(Ramesh M) #8

Try this url https://zscaler.myabsorb.com

(mutsumi takanashi) #9

I was able to browse the website.
Thank you:smiley:

(Chris Leach) #10

Hi there. training.zscaler.com is simply an alias to: https://www.zscaler.com/resources/training-certification-overview

We recently did an update of the public website and looks like that alias was missed. I will contact the web team to have them add it back in. Sorry for the confusion!

(Michael Sumera) #11


Do you have a classroom based Training?

(Chris Leach) #12

Hi Michael,

The bulk of our training is interactive self-paced on-line training. The ZCCP-IA and (soon) ZCCP-PA do have an 8-hour hands-on lab component. These labs are instructor-led but virtual. We run them across 4 time zones (US, Central Europe, India, and ANZ). But you need to take the on-line training as a pre-requisite for the lab course.

(Senthil Kumar) #13

Hello there, may I know where can I find materials to learn zscaler, as I tried browsing the site I could not find any materials or way to get it.

(Chris Leach) #14

Hi Senthil,
Welcome to the Zenith Community! Are you a current customer or partner of Zscaler?

(Gerard Lyons) #15

Hi Chris,

is it possible to validate certifications? I am planning to hire some Zscaler resource, and need the ability to verify the candidates’ certifications.


(Chris Leach) #16

Hi @gflyons. Absolutely! Just send an e-mail to training@zscaler.com with the person’s details and what certifications they are claiming and we can validate.

(shawnharry) #17

Id like to take the Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional-Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) course. I’m an indendant consultant and do not have access to a Zscaler Sales Representative or Authorized Zscaler Channel Partner to purchase the training credits. How do i purchase the traininig credits so i can complete the course?

(Chris Leach) #18

Hi Shawn,

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t have a way to sell training credits outside of an existing customer or partner relationship. We are building an ecommerce capability onto zscaler.com but it won’t be ready for several weeks (probably March).

In the meantime, we do have a shared account that we use for prospects to learn about Zscaler while they are evaluating. You can use that to take all the training but you won’t be granted certification. Drop a note to training@zscaler.com and we can give you access to that.

Once the ecommerce capability is up we will post a note here.

(Narender Singh) #19

Hi Chirs,

I have completed ZCCP-IA e-learning module, however when I enrolled in Instructor led training module, it shows me " no more session available". Can you please help me how to search for the sessions in search bar or what to search. Attached screen-shot for reference

Capture .

(Chris Leach) #20

Hi Narender. Welcome to the Zscaler Community!

Sorry for the confusion. Demand for training is going up faster than we thought! We have just added more sessions. Please check back in to find a session in your time zone.

(Narender Singh) #21

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your help, i was able to book session for Lab.

Can you please advise when i will be getting Webex Link to attend ZCCP-IA Lab training as i have booked Lab Slot for 18th and 19th April.

Narender Singh

(Chris Leach) #22

Hi Narender,

Your seat is confirmed. You should receive instructions via e-mail in the next day or so.