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Hi Narender,

Your seat is confirmed. You should receive instructions via e-mail in the next day or so.

Hi, I have a question.
What language is the training used for? in Japan, can we training in Japanese or Chinese?

Hi Helili,

The training is currently in English. The videos do have English subtitles so you can enable those and pause the video to read.

We are working on translating our training into Japanese but we do not have a committed date to complete that.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response.

When we want to training, we think as follows. Is this correct?

  1. Purchase a training credit. (@ https://www.insight.com/ )
  2. Request a passcode. (mail to training@zscaler )
  3. Register for training. (@ https://zscaler.myabsorb.com )

Hi Helili,

Yes, the process you listed is correct. You would purchase training credits from your Zscaler Channel Partner.

Hi Chris,

I understand. thank you very much !

Hi Chris,

Cant we buy credits individually? I’m very much interested in Zscalar training.Can you suggest me an alternative where i can get trained ?

Hi Chris,
Where can I find printable training material for ZCCP-PA … I need to read the information “old school” I have already signed up for the training, but it would be helpful to have a hard copy (that I can write notes and keep on hand). I haven’t been able to locate any thus far. Thanks!

Hi Candice,

Your training registration for Zenith Live includes access to our training portal. However, we are running behind on creating those accounts.

Soon you will receive an e-mail from us with your login info to access the training portal. Once in there, each online module includes a Student Guide PDF that you can download and print. It contains the slides and a transcript of the audio.

However, just to be clear, ZCCP-PA is ZPA Essentials, not ZPA Masters. For ZPA Masters you will receive a Lab Guide at the event (but you can go and take the ZCCA-PA and ZCCP-PA online training prior to the event).

I actually signed up a while ago. I didn’t see any printable material. As a side note, I only signed up for the Masters Class since the other was already closed. I suppose I could change the class? I’m currently rolling out ZPA, so simply thought it made the most sense. Perhaps one of the security classes may be better?

Hi Candice,

If you go into the training portal, and launch ZCCA-PA, you should see a Student Guide for each module. Like this:

As for changing classes, that is up to you. I do believe ZPA Essentials is full. But if you do the online ZCCA-PA and ZCCP-PA you will be ready for ZPA Masters. So if you want a deeper dive into ZPA I would stay with ZPA Masters. But if you’re interested in Security you could switch to Security Essentials.

If I wanted change (class) how would I go about doing that? Just trying to figure out which one would be best. Thanks!

Hi Candice,

At this point, I believe only Networking Masters has seats available. If you want to switch into that one, send an e-mail to zenithlive@zscaler.com.

Hi Chris,

I have send mail to sales team for more details on how to buy Credit point to complete traning and certification. But not found any revert.
Can you please help me out.


Hi Mandeep. My apologies. We are working to enable credit card processing on our website but it is not yet ready. We will post here when the capability is there.

Did you complete the Contact form on our website?

Hi Chris,

I have contact with Zscaler sales team but i did’t get proper response. I request for shared login details to access training or alternative way to complete this.