What 4 actions can you take within the Zscaler App to try to fix it before raising a support case? Choose four

Hi all stuck in Zscaler ZCCP-IA quiz on below question
What 4 actions can you take within the Zscaler App to try to fix it before raising a support case? Choose four.

please help

Hi Anish,

The key thing here is that the question is asking which things you can try to actually fix the app. E.g. Enabling system tray notifications isn’t going to do anything towards fixing the app, this will just turn notifications on or off.

Is there a particular answer you think is valid but not working?

Hi David, I am not sure why “Check for App Updates” is not a valid answer. Also I do not see “Start Packet Capture” as this seems to be one of the valid answer which is missing from the list of choices provided in possible correct answer list. Can you please help us.

Hi Yousuf,

Understand that I can’t give you the answers to the test on a public forum. Check for app updates is a valid answer.

You need to pick four items that will actually do something to the application to help fix it. Like my example above with notifications, this probably isn’t going to fix anything right?

I’d recommend listing out all of the possible answers, and then thinking about each one, will it change how the app is behaving, or just give me more information? If it’s just giving more information, it’s probably not going to fix an issue.

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Stuck in same place. Only three of the choices are valid.? I am not not asking for answers. Just trying to confirm if I am crazy or not.

Hi Alfred,

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The question states “what 4 actions” so you will need to select 4 items. It might be easier to figure out which 3 items would NOT help fix the app.

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Hi Anis & Viperal86,

Thinks smarter. While troubleshooting the Zscaler App you will not get benefit by license or by clearing the logs. Instead you will need logs to debug.

I was also stuck on the same question and able to clear it after 2 attempts. Just wonder what will happen if you choose this option. You will surely get the answer. I am not posting the exact answer in the forum because it is against the policy and ethics.

But available to help you . Feel free to revert for more clarification.

By the way if you read this answer correctly, i have given you the hint for one option.