What are some of the benefits of Kerberos?

(Ramesh M) #1

Hi Team ,
I am stuck in this question.
Can I have your view on this.

Answers are mentioned as below

  1. Kerberos is transparent to the end user
  2. Zscaler does not store user passwords
  3. Supports browsers and non-browser apps
  4. Enables better support for Office365
  5. Allows non-authenticable traffic to be authenticated.

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(Marcus) #2

The only incorrect answer is: 5) Allows non-authenticable traffic to be authenticated. All others are correct.

(Rhys) #3

Hi Marcus, so Kerberos only authenticates the authenticable traffic only? Thank you

(Prajith) #4

Zscaler supports cookie based auth. Kerberos being natively supported by Windows, there are many apps/services that fail to do cookie based auth with Zscaler, but succeed in doing kerbeors auth.

That is the main advantage of Kerberos.
So, point 5 is actually correct.


(Marcus) #5

Answer #3 addresses your point that Kerberos can perform Auth for apps that do not support cookies…

" 3 - Supports browsers and non-browser apps"