What are the Authentication Frequency options?

(Pratyusha Vemuri) #1

On the Authentication Settings page, you can choose how often users are required to authenticate to the Zscaler service in Authentication Frequency.

When you go to Administration > Authentication > Authentication Settings, you can choose from one of the following options in the Authentication Frequency menu:

  • Daily: Authentication will expire between 12 to 24 hours from the login time, depending on the time the user authenticated the day before.

  • Only Once: This is the default authentication interval. Once users have logged in, they do not need to authenticate again as long as the cookie is saved in the browser or as an Adobe Flash object. (Typically, the cookie expires in about two years.) However, to log out of Zscaler, users must log out of the service explicitly or delete the cookie from their browser.

Note that Zscaler recommends choosing Only Once as your authentication frequency. For more information, see Why does Zscaler recommend configuring the Authentication Frequency to be Only Once?

  • Once Per Session: Authentication expires once the user closes the browser. In this case, no cookie is saved.

  • Custom: Enter the number of days, between 1 and 180 inclusive. Authentication will be requested at midnight according to your timezone.