What does the option "Automatic Proxy Configuration URL " and "Override the PAC File" do in the isolation profile?


This option " Automatic Proxy Configuration URL" is described as :

This field is automatically populated by default with the recommended PAC file from your Hosted PAC Files list in ZIA. However, you can manually edit this field to change the file. This PAC file is configured onto the isolation browser within the endpoint experience containers, and any traffic to the internet from the isolated browser is also forwarded through the ZIA cloud. You can enable or disable the option to Override the PAC File and return traffic to the ZIA Public Service Edge. The ZIA Public Service Edges use auto-geo proximity, meaning that the traffic is returned to the service edge closest to the location of the user, not the location of the isolation browser.

Does that mean if I do not " Override the PAC File" then even traffic that is not isolatated will be send to the Service Edge where the isolation happens and that the PAC bypass I configured will not work?

Isn’t it better for performance and latency/speed to have " Override the PAC File" enabled, so that the normal PAC file to be used and traffic to send based on geolcation?

Sorry just the option is not well exaplined