What is the different between Zscaler Client Connector 32-Bit vs 64-Bit?

Hi Guys,

i would to know what is the different between 32-Bit vs 64-Bit ?
Is 64-bit more performant and has more stability ? Should we use still 32-Bit ? Which one is better and usefull ?

We actually use 32-bit but i would update our clients to 64-bit if its very usefull.
Please write as detailed as possible :slight_smile:



Hi OguzHan,

This is what I know based on my Zscaler question ticket ages ago.
No real performance changes even without file/registry redirection !

Zscaler did recommend that we migrate to ZCC x64 because at “some point” they’ll discontinue support for ZCC 32-bit.

As you might have seen in other channels you need to fully uninstall ZCC 32-bit using your own software distribution client before installing the new x64 version as the cloud upgrade wont do that for you.

Not as detailed as you requested :slight_smile:

There is a thread or two on here asking for the same and there is still nothing in their documentation. When we first deployed, we were told Zscaler required changes in both our environment and theirs.

Sometime later they fixed the dependencies, and you could push 64bit, but required the uninstall of 32 to get to the 64. We are still running 32bit.

i’m running 64 bit on a few test systems but so far i’ve seen no ‘must have’ reason to use it.

Just stumbled upon a side effect… started to push newer versions to our users and after a while realized that the ones with 64bit installations did not get upgraded.
… because i forgot to enable this one in the group which got the upgrades

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I have to turn off the 64bit toggle when I am upgrading my 32bit population as it automatically sets to 64bit.

I saw in some threads you have to uninstall first 32-bit then install new 64-bit is that still new? Or can we just activate “Use 64-Bit Installer for Windows” ?

No, cloud-upgrade is ‘like for like’…it wont upgrade 32 to 64.

You can activate it but this will NOT initiate a cross-update.
Means systems which have a 32bit install active will stay with that.

So yes, in order to use 64bit you need once to uninstall 32bit and install 64 bit.

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Not completly true :wink:

We upgraded a whole bunch of devices via Zscaler portal, but Zscaler support told us to not do a “cross version” update. Means first of all you need to update your clients to the x32 version you want to have as x64 version. After that just hit the switch and wait. Group based inline upgrade worked flawless for right now about 50 clients, counting.

There was no need for manual intervention (e.g. uninstall).

Side note: we had to contact support before hitting the switch because there was this message “before enabling x64 some changes on the backend have to be performed by Zscaler”.


EDIT: More details: tested Windows only, zscloud.