What is the expectation for feature availabilty after appearing in the release notes?

There have been several features noted in the release notes for our Zscaler services but the feature is nowhere to be found in the portals. I’ve opened tickets about them and support says they have requested the features be activated on our portal but still they don’t appear. It is odd to me that something is posted to the release notes that is not actually released and that it is dependent on the customer to request those features.

Great question, I will forward this to the product management team.

The only thing I can think of would be a rolling deployment to ensure there aren’t any issues during the rollout. Or entitlements of the feature would be the other option(subscription tier/status). Just taking a stab at an explanation. Nonetheless, it would be important to have a clear answer from a member of our product team.

Is there a particular feature that you are referring to by chance?

ZIA has the most features so most of them are ZIA related and we have the Transformation edition.
Cloud application instances is one: Release Upgrade Summary (2023) | Zscaler
Custom file hashes is another: Release Upgrade Summary (2023) | Zscaler

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