What is the right Zscaler Client Connector Version for Windows?


I’m confused about the different versions of the Zscaler Client Connector for Windows. In the mobile.zscaler.net portal I can see under Adminstration => Client Connector App Store => Personal Computers and under New Releases I can see and also On the release notes page Client Connector App Release Summary (2021) | Zscaler I can see and also 3.4.

What the heck is the right and best version to use?

Best Regards,

Hi Patrick, please take a look through the release notes to understand the changes and differences between the version you are using now and the latest. If the information looks acceptable, then use the latest version, which at the moment is 3.4. We do provide older versions for customers who have not chosen to upgrade to the latest.


Hello Keith,

hm, IMHO your recommendations are a little bit misleading. Release 3.4 and are still in “limited availability” and you need Zscaler support to enable both of them explicitly if you want to use it “officially”. AND you basically accept there are possibly still some minor but yet unknown bugs/flaws.

Release is available to the broad public and I would consider this the “stable release”.



I agree with Manuel that we should be recommending the release that is available to everybody.
All other release are there to fix customers specific bugs.