What is ZSATray.exe?

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I often see ZSATray is working in my Z-App(newly named Customer Connector?) machine.
Why is this ZSATray.exe being executed in my machine?
What does it execute?
I searched Zscaler kb but found totally nothing about it.

It may seem Zscaler’s internal information.
However as you know, having something unknown in own machine is like having something stinging in own flesh.
You will feel uncomfortable when you doubt there might be Brutus in your Caesar clan.

What is ZSATray.exe?

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I’m not sure exactly what it does but it is a valid service.
See here - https://help.zscaler.com/z-app/zscaler-app-processes-whitelist

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Hi Yoshiki,

ZSATray is the User Interface of Z App. This process is what holds the visual state of the app. For example, if you were to somehow stop ZSATray, Z App would continue to function, but the user interface would not be available.




Thank you for clear answer, the fact that it is mere UI relieved me.