What is Zscaler Deception and Why do I need it?

What is Zscaler Deception and Why do I need it ?

Zscaler Deception is an active defense technology which creates a detective layer in your environment using decoys to catch the presence of adversaries and insider threats in your environment. These decoys such as fake endpoints, files, services, databases, users, computers, and other resources that mimic production assets for the sole purpose of alerting you to adversary presence when they’re touched. Since decoys are hidden from valid users unaware of their existence, any interaction with them is a high-confidence indicator of a breach. Security analysts and SOCs leverage deception-based alerts to generate threat intelligence, stop lateral movement, and orchestrate threat response and containment without human supervision.

Deception augments protection against lateral movement and is a very potent layer to detect and contain the threat posed by adversaries inside your environment. Below illustration shows how deception fits into the overall Zscaler Cyber threat protection.


Benefits of incorporating Zscaler Deception into your cyber threat protection

Deliver pre-breach warnings
Get early warning signals when sophisticated adversaries like organized ransomware operators or APT groups are scoping you out. Perimeter decoys detect stealthy pre-breach recon activities that often go unnoticed.

Detect lateral movement
Catch attackers that have bypassed traditional perimeter-based defenses and are trying to move laterally in your environment. Application decoys and endpoint lures intercept these adversaries and limit their ability to find targets or move laterally.

Stop ransomware spread
Decoys in the cloud, network, endpoints, and Active Directory act as landmines to detect ransomware at every stage of the kill chain. Simply having decoys in your environment limits ransomware’s ability to spread

Contain threats in real-time
Unlike standalone deception tools, Zscaler Smokescreen integrates seamlessly with the Zscaler platform and an ecosystem of third-party security tools such as SIEM, SOAR, and other SOC solutions to shut down active attackers with automated, rapid response actions.