What portion of 100.64 does ZApp use for ZPA?

(Lisa Lorenzin) #1

Is it the full /16, or some subset? We have a ZPA prospect who uses 100.64 space for some internal endpoint DHCP ranges and were wondering if there’s any part of that space they could use without colliding (for a full SDP approach leveraging ZPA for on-premise as well as remote users).

(David Creedy) #2

Today, ZPA will set the full /16 on the network adapter for listening for traffic. While this range is large, it’s possible to configure ten’s of thousands of ZPA applications, so we need to reserve an adequate range. We can’t guarantee that any particular part of that /16 won’t be used by ZPA so its not recommended to use this range for other purposes.

(Lisa Lorenzin) #3

Understood - thank you!