What to do when topic is closed

We are currently auto-locking topics that are marked as solved and have no activity after a few days (about 5 days, increased from 3).

This is implemented in order to reduce the number of aging topics that resurface after there has already been a solution.

Why is that important?

Zscaler is constantly developing and improving. There are betas and releases that happen frequently and therefore, a solution from even last week might not be accurate any longer. Also, everyone has slightly different configurations and use cases. It’s best to capture these and create a chain than to continue a thread for many years.

I have a question related to that topic and it’s closed, what do I do?

Sometimes, the solution works for the original poster and their specific implementation and does not work in others. In that case, it’s best to create a new topic and reference the previous topic.

Doing this is very simple, all you have to do is share the topic, and create a new topic. This will continue the conversation


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