What's new with Zscaler Private Access? Zenith Live 2020

Registration for Zenith Live 2021 is now open, and we encourage you to register today. In this episode to the run up to Zenith Live we’re going to post more of our breakout sessions from the 2020 event. What’s new with Zscaler Private Access? :

Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) provides secure access to private applications, ensuring zero trust is applied consistently from office to data center, and allowing B2B customer access. ZPA establishes remote app access without VPN dependency, and because of that has played a pivotal role in enabling the worldwide shift to remote work. Hear from Zscaler Principal Product Manager Kunal Shah and Principal Product Manager Pooja Deshmukh as they share the newest ZPA features that will deliver even greater value and performance to employee, customer, and partner user-to-private app connectivity.