When will ZPA edge connector be released?


I’m waiting an announcements of releasing ZPA edge connector. Is there a concrete schedule?

@Sumanth_Kakaraparthi any thoughts around this?

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Hi, @kshah and @Sumanth_Kakaraparthi

How is edge connector going?
I want to achieve site to site access between branch and IaaS with zpa.

In my recognition, ZPA edge connector can make it true.

@yuta519 Yes, this use case can be addressed by Edge Connector. @Sumanth_Kakaraparthi can you reach out to Yuta Kawamura ?

Yes, yuta. Edge connector can address this usecase.

We can have a quick call, to discuss further details.

Any update on this product and release time-line?

HuuMinh, the functionality is under development. I copying PM @Sumanth Kakaraparthi for additional information around timelines.