While Zscaler is on, cannot connect to RDP

Hi, I am trying to connect to my client’s remote desktop ,Zscaler Client connector is getting connected to the Private Access but still when I try to connect to client’s remote desktop it shows internal error has occured.

Upon further investigation I found out that even when Zscaler is connected the Network Connections tab in Control panel is showing Zscaler Network Adapter as disconnected(Network Cabel Unplugged) hence I cannot ping my client’s io address and access the rdp.
Please suggest possible solutions.

Hi Saurav and welcome to the Zenith community!

Even when successfully connected you will not be able to ping the IP of anything internally. Zscaler Private Access drops ICMP traffic today.

As far as accessing the system via RDP that is technically possible if your company Private Access policies allow it. You should try both by FQDN (system.companydomain.com) and IP address. If neither work, then your company’s Zscaler Private Access administrators may simply have not built a policy to allow that traffic.

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Or did I misunderstand the scenario, are you trying to connect out to a client device that is off-premises and running ZPA? More Server to Client? That wouldn’t work.

Hi , thank you for replying
I am trying to access Client’s RDP(Zscaler Application is on my system) and ZPA is getting connected but RDP isn’t.Also this problem is only in my system,my colleagues are all able to access the RDP via ZPA.

I have even turned my firewall and antivirus off but still it is not working, when I check the logs it shows BRK_MT_SETUP_FAIL_NO_POLICY_FOUND

Hi Saurav, so you’re RDP’ing from your workstation over ZPA to something on-premises that a ZPA App connector should be able to resolve and route packets to. That technically is possible.

That error message indicates that there is no policy available allowing access to the application. You should please work with Zscaler Support, or your Zscaler TAM (if you have one), to either create the App Segment, Enable (if disabled) the matching app segment, and check the access policy.

Hi Mike,
It is working fine now, actually my system is a part of a domain,which was earlier not allowed by the Client’s Zscaler network security group.After they allowed traffic from my domain, it started working fine.
Thank You for your time and patience.