Will adding root domain to bypass ZPA in one Application Segment override other application segments contain subdomains?


After I did some research and reading, I am still in the mist, looking for answers to the above question.

Let’s say we have “example[.]org” hosted externally (public-facing site). We do not want to see all those “example[.]org:443” errors showing up in the “Top Error” field under the Application tag in ZPA dashboard. Normally, adding “example[.]org” to an Application Segment that bypass ZPA will get rid off those errors. This will be fine for the sites only for public-facing.

But our concern is, we have other subdomains like “resources[.]example[.]org”, “ac[.]example[.]org”, “db[.]example[.]org” ect., which are internal applications in another Application Segment group, not bypassing ZPA.

Will adding root domain “example[.]org” to bypass ZPA override the Application Segment group that contains its subdomains that are not bypassing ZPA?

I will be very appreciated if you can give me thorough technical opinions for this question.

Note: I put “” in the sites because the community only allows me use two links.