Will there be Zscaler ZIA/ZPA policy conditions based IoT device ID?


My idea is if Zscaler will use Machine learning to detect what IoT device is passing through the ZPA or ZIA cloud, so for example in ZIA it could be allowed only the web cameras to have access to a web site that hosts their automatic software updates or in ZPA to look at the access policy and add condition that only certain device types have access as I currently do not see such option as a possible criteria?

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Hi Niokolay,

Very creative idea and sounds like something Zscaler can deliver based on other machine learning activities like workload segmentation and cloud connector…
Are you going to Zenith this year ? If so pitch the idea.
I’m curious what’s in the Zscaler roadmap for IoT devices.


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Yes, it will be nice and I may share the idea as other solutions have it and Zscaler has a dashboard for IoT devices, so this can be done by Zscaler. About the event I will try to virtually join it: