Windows 10 Builds + Zscaler App (Z-App) Support

(Chris Campbell) #1

Our organization is beginning to adopt “Windows 10 as a Service” and will start to test out newer builds on a more frequent basis as Microsoft releases them. Right now we are moving to test Windows 10 Feature Update 1803.

Does anyone know how we determine the minimum versions of Zscaler App required to support these builds? Or where do we determine if Zscaler needs to release an updated version of Zscaler App in order to support the Windows 10 update?

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Chris,

Generally always run the latest Z App version and this should be fine. We always aim for day-zero support for new OS updates, and we actively test on public betas for these. If issues are detected we will release a hotfix and publish this. For an example of this, see version 1.3.1 when there were file system changes in macOS Sierra:

As long as you are running the current Z App version or the two previous, and you meet the requirements outlined here - you will be supported.

(Chris Campbell) #3

Thanks for the quick response! So we package and deploy vs. having Zscaler manage via “automatic rollout”. Right now our enterprise is running, so typically as you stated we should be OK.

It would be helpful if Zscaler could publish minimum versions of Z App to support each feature release.