With ZCC unable to do CMD output

Dear Team,

I am stuck in small issue with ZCC forwarding traffics method.

if i do without zscaler below command in the CMD, i am able to see the output with other proxy but not with ZCC

cmd command= nslookup space IP(any internal IP) (it will get us that IP’s hostname).

I have already excluded the DNS hostname as well as IP in the “App Profile” but no luck.

Kindly help me on it.

Hello Malik,
Do you have ZPA? If yes, do you have the internal networks defined as an application segment?

we don’t have ZPA right now. But we have excluded internal IP range as well as hostname.

Is it possible to see you offering ZPA in future?

Yes, But right now our users are sitting at office. why are they can’t get the output?

Check you Firewall Control Policy, it has a feature to block ICMP.

Test the exclusions from the PAC file
e.g for internal bypass from PAC file

//Most special use IPv4 addresses (RFC 5735) defined within this regex.
var privateIP = /^(0|10|127|192\.168|172\.1[6789]|172\.2[0-9]|172\.3[01]|169\.254|192\.88\.99)\.[0-9.]+$/;
var resolved_ip = dnsResolve(host);

/* Don't send non-FQDN or private IP auths to us */
if (isInNet(resolved_ip, "","") || privateIP.test(resolved_ip))
        return "DIRECT";