Working with the Zscaler API from Google Sheets Scripts


Before I head down a rabbit hole of APIs within Google Scripts I wanted to see if anyone else has worked with the Zscaler API via Google Sheets.

Some Background:

I am working in Google Data Studio to aggregate traffic across all our Zscaler portals. Currently, I use a GCP VM to query the data I need from the Zscaler API and store this in a CSV. This CSV is then uploaded to my Google Drive to update a Google Sheet file. This Google Sheet is linked to a Data Studio report to make things look all pretty. It’s not elegant, but does the job.


Can the Zscaler API be worked with directly from Google Sheets Scripts and has anyone actually done this? (Hopefully with the code examples! :slight_smile: )

Many thanks!


Update: I worked out a way to work with Google Drive OAUTH and some Python to streamline the Google Sheet process and automate the upload part.

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