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The recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline abruptly halted operations on the largest refined products pipeline in the United States, impacting fuel availability across the country’s eastern half.

Cyber attacks aren’t stopping anytime soon, however, with the right strategy IT security leaders can adapt and use modern zero trust services to protect business data from reaching the hands of cybercriminals.

Join us at Zenith Live, to learn how you can eliminate your Internet-facing attack surface, stop potential lateral movement, and block command-and-control activity with a zero trust architecture.

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  • ThreatLabZ: Insights from the Front Lines of the World’s Largest Security Cloud
  • Advances in Ransomware—and How to Defend Against It With Zscaler
  • How to Defend Against Supply Chain Attacks with Zscaler
  • Security transformation workshops: This workshop starts with a high-level overview of business transformation driven by cloud and mobility and then drills down into security transformation in the perimeter-less enterprise.

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