YouTube - Options for limiting usage based on time

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Does any of you have actual experience on how to limit usage of YouTube based on usage time, so not based on YouTube channel filtering or how much bandwidth that is used?

I’ve tried to configure time based limit in Cloud App Control Policy for a specific Location using:

[Cloud Application]: Google Video + YouTube
[Location]: Selected relevant.
[Daily Time Quota (min)] = xx minutes

Above policy rule is placed correctly in the order of rules. However it has no effect. End-users at the relevant Locations happily continue to consume their 24x7 “TV/News” station that use YouTube as platform. I’m puzzled.

I wonder if you have found an excellent and manageable way to limit YouTube usage to a reasonable level without management overhead or reporting.

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Hi All,

The Puzzle above is a known bug according to Zscaler Support, and fix in phase of QA testing. No timelines available.


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Thanks for the heads up on the bug @JesperTimJacobsen!

I have a customer who is interested in doing the same thing for social media access, leaving the users a “bucket“ of time they can use on a daily basis from the office device, but no more, and this feature is precisely what I need.

Does the bug specify whether this is a specific issue with streaming services like YouTube and Google Video? I wonder if social media like Facebook or Twitter are also victims of the same bug.

If you can share the bug# I would like to monitor it too, and test different scenarios.

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You might consider using the Bandwidth Controls as well. Then any non-business Video Streaming and Social Media is not going to impact your production traffic. But it still allows them to access business related Video Streaming and Social Media.

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Zscaler support has informed that fix for BUG-92698 will soon be approved, and is expected to be implemented within a few weeks after upgrade to v6.1.


Thanks for tip, and we’re using BWC already and have to reduce misuse of bandwidth capacity as cost avoidance measure.